Hiperwall at UC Irvine CalIT2

The Hiperwall project has been in news (see CNN video here) recently.

Visualization is a powerful tool and it does matter whether you see it on a phone screen or on a hiperwall.  If you can see details at the same resolution while also maintaining the context, it does help you in gaining insights.  Most times we forget that the major difference in a picture and simple numbers representing the same picture is that picture provides you context in spatial and visual (and in video in temporal also) forms also while numbers only provide details.

The hiperwall is remarkable in this respect.  It is something to be experienced.  If you can not get to UC Irvine to see that, you can at least see the video to experience this visualization tool.

6 thoughts on “Hiperwall at UC Irvine CalIT2

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    I do agree to the fact that visualisation is indeed a powerful tool anf 80 % of the business is generated through the visualization itself. Whether its an add on Tv, internet, newspaper, magzines etc.

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    Visualization plays a vital factor in teaching and learning either it be offline or online teaching and learning. Human memory recognizes a pattern easily and those patters are lasted in the memory which are serves as a reference to provide answer to the queries.

    For instance:

    If you see a falling apple you will remember Newton and law of gravitation.

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    Indeed, it is our human brain which helps us in the recognizability of certain patterns. Visual concept puts a long term effect in analyzing and recalling things stored in our brains. It does helps us to associates things with a diagram and provides us guidelines on what exactly the topic is all about.

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