HighTech in Japan – Toilets

Japan is one of the most gadget oriented countries. You see use of gadgets in everyday life in possibly the most innovative ways anywhere in the world. When many other parts of Asia still are in 19th century in terms of the use of technology, Japan is a trailblazer in many respects. I am always amazed at what I see here. And on this trip, I did not have chance so far to go out and see Tokyo because of meetings, but the hotel room’s toilet sowed me that this gadget oriented innovation well, alive, and thriving in Japan.

The toilet seat has hot and cold water, variable rate bidet and shower. This was there the last time I was here. This time, it has pressure controlled exhaust fan and deodorizer. As soon as you sit on the seat, the exhaust fan starts and the deodorizer gets in action. So you don;t have to smell any odors even in the toilet — not even the one that you are responsible for. I am wowed!

And I am told that Akihabara is a different place now then when I saw it 4 years ago. Eager to see that.

2 thoughts on “HighTech in Japan – Toilets

  1. website design company

    Japan has always been the leader in technology.No one can surpass them.That’s my opinion of course…and like you’ve said..they use gadgets in a very innovative way.Wow!!some amazing thing happening in Japanese toilets.Awesome innovation!!!look forward to hearing from you soon again.

  2. Kunnath Santhosh

    While this sounds cool, I am left wondering if mind is being applied to solving a big enough problem. I think pretty much everyone can make do with the limited technology that exists today. 🙂 In anycase, it is a lot better than a 100 odd years back when chamber pots were considered a luxury! 🙂


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