Healthy Foodie

Food is important for health and happiness.

Every culture perfects their culinary art and takes pride in their food. Most important activities in all cultures revolve around food. Different cultures and religions suggest what one should eat and what is forbidden. People enjoy food.
Now every healthcare professional wants you to be conscious of nutrition-content of the food. Your doctors tell you what and how much you should eat. Food is an important component of your lifestyle. Food determines your health.

How can technology help food? Increasingly, culinary artists as well as healthcare professionals are looking at technology to enhance food which in turn will enhance quality of life. Culinary artists are interested in making our multi-sensory food experience more exciting and pleasant. Healthcare experts are interested in helping us enjoy our culinary experience as long as possible by increasing our life healthy as well as long.


We want to apply technology to help people enjoy food by selecting right food, at right time, at right place, in right company. We see role of technology at various stages ranging from finding what to eat, to eat balanced nutritious food, be sensitive to their personal health situation, and satisfy their personal culinary tastes. There is very little to help healthy foodies currently. We want to change this situation by developing technology to collect, manage, and use big food data to assist individuals manage their culinary and health experience using modern wearables and smartphones.


We are forming a group of healthy foodies. We want to apply latest knowledge in computer science, healthcare, and art to make food even more enjoyable and healthier
We believe time is right.