Greece Vacation

I am back in USA after attending a conference and a mini-vacation in Greece.

Greece is a very interesting country — only 10M population, but because of its history and current name it sounds much bigger. It is definitely a fun place to visit. Lot of history — many interesting monuments to see. But equally important is the fact that it is a fun place. Islands are beautiful and very touristy. Yes, for vacations I like to be at a place which has lots of nice amenities and food and people. And Greece offered that in Athens as well as at its islands. I visited Poros, Hydra, Aegina, and Crete. Wanted to go to Santorini and Mykonas but could not get air tickets to be back in time to connect to my flight so had to decide to visit those in the next trip.

My wife Sudha is vegetarian. At some places this becomes a problem — not in Greece. They have lots of vegetarian items on their menu.
This trip also gave me a chance to test my physical situation. After my cancer, this was the first time when I put my body to keep up with sight-seeing interests of Sudha and found that I can do more than I thought I could. This may be a bad thing because Sudha likes to pack many things and I like to relax. So I should pretend that I am able to do much less than I really can.

I am on my way to attend a few meetings in Washington DC now. ANd then back home for a few days before going to India.

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  1. Yannis Larios

    Thanks for this sincere review of Greece. I am glad that you liked our country! I am sure you will have the chance to visit more of it in the future!

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    Best regards and you are always welcome!

    Yannis Larios

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