Government in India

It is always good to come back to India. Particularly after spending some time in Singapore.

This is a relatively long visit to India — will be here until Jan 2. First 9 days in Bangalore than in Nagpur with the last day in Mumbai. I hope to get chance to see and observe what is happening in India. Considering the enormous positive media coverage that India is getting in the last years, it is always good to calibrate the reality with media.

Bangalore remains the same ‘interesting’ place. A city where infra structure is terrible but the technical discussions are great. As soon as you come out of the plane, you can not help but think is this the famous ‘high-tech city?’ and that’s only the beginning.

On the other hand sitting thru the whole day meetings to hear the progress by Seraja team clearly shows why this city is leading the evolution of India into the modern age. People are very professional and knowledgeable — can compete with any place that I have been to.

When is Government of India (and Karnataka) is going to become as ambitious and professional as professionals in Bangalore? It is amazing what is happening in Bangalore and other similar cities despite the infrastructure and other support from Goverment of India. One can only wonder what will happen if due to some miracle the Government in India becomes as ambitious and professional as professions I meet here!

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