Google of TV

Everybody wants to be Google of Something. And why not? Google is so successful — even today its shares jumped up by about 10% to an unbelievable number — compared to any other company in the space.

So I was not surprised when I read — via John Battelle’s blog — in Chicago Tribune that

For Comcast Corp. Chief Executive Brian Roberts, the key challenge in today’s digital video world is how to become the Google of television.

But then so does every cable and telephone company — yes telephone companies too. Interestingly we are hearing this from several people, including Mr Roberts, this for some time but I have not seen any real movement by cable companies in that direction. Maybe it is really difficult for Elephants to turn their direction — I know this from the big size Mover trucks who take their time and space to turn. Agility is definitely not their strength and it appears to be true for big companies also.

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