Google: Maps and Latitude

Google Latitude may be again a major introduction in mobile networking space that may result in many new applications like Google Maps did. Google maps made maps a common utility that could be used in the ‘background’ (an active one) to develop lots of applications by combining your data with it. By providing easy access and no cost use, it encouraged people to use it and get addicted to it.

Google is doing that now with its Latitude. This application will allow people to use location of others (and their) to create even more intiguing applications on top of Maps. This application allows bridging of real physical world with the maps at any given time. And we all know that this has many interesting (and privacy challenging) applications possible. Moreover, by adding memory to this, even more applications could be developed.

I am eager to see what kind of applications are going to appear first. And what is going to happen to many start-up companies that were thinking of dominating mobile social networking space.

2 thoughts on “Google: Maps and Latitude

  1. Daniel Tetreault

    Hey Thanks, Rash. I had no idea that this Google Latitude even existed or was being developed.

    This aplication looks very promising if used in the social networking realms; I could really see it taking off in terms of usage and popularity too.


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