Google Calendar

Everybody seems to be talking about Google Calendar. Rajesh sent me this link that gives some details about it. The most important functionality of a calendar is to store basic information of events for planning purposes. As pointed out in this article

That may be just the start. Google’s goal is to make this not just an end product, but rather a platform for organizing events and sharing information, analysts say. “Google has rethought the entire role of a calendar,” says Forrester Research analyst Charlene Li. “It recognizes you have several calendars to manage and that you have to interact between them.”

this product of Google may become a platform for many other event sites like Evetful, Upcoming, and others.

SEraja believes that events are not just an item on a calendar; Events make our life. Events are something to be experienced and events form a web that provides insights into many aspects of life. So how will Google calendar help SEraja? Well availability of a powerful calendar that will help people in importing events and planning will be useful tool for SEraja to utilize. I am glad that this is becoming available at this time because it will help SEraja to focus on experiences.

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