Google and Video

Google Video is a much talked about event on the Web — anything that Google does becomes famous. This is as disappointing as many other efforts in video space by traditional search companies. It is very clear that ‘video search’ for Google means searching the titles of videos or names of the video files. Like any other file, Video files should have a name. But Google does not search other sites based on the names of the files alone. It does get into the ‘content’ of those files and does analysis of the text to extract keywords that should be used to index those files (or pages). The success of text search is based on the text analysis.

I don’t understand why all the search engine think that for text files they should use text analysis of files, but they think that they don’t need to open the video file to do any analysis!!!

I just hope that sometime they will start taking video, images, and audio half seriously. All these companies have so many researchers working seriously on those interesting problems — I am waiting to see fruits of their research.

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