Goodbye Mouse has a story about a company that wants to bring ‘minority report’ like interfaces to each desktop.


“The mouse has had a good run but its time to say good-bye,” said Underkoffler.

His company has an operating system, based on human-hand gesturing, that allows the user to explore in a 3D plane. The system responds to the pitch, roll and yaw movements that come naturally to the hand and works with cameras that track the positions of targets placed on gloves.

“We really want to get this on every desktop, and that’s what we are going to focus on doing until we either go out of business or (until) the next plane trip you take, the woman sitting next to you opens up her laptop and starts doing this,” said Underkoffler, gesturing with his hands.

Nice to see that people are taking this direction seriously.  With good progress in computer vision and other sensor understanding technology, it is really overdue to think about such technology and develop systems that will make computers more natural.

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