Geotagging is moving closer to center

In organizing photos, grotagging is slowly moving towards center — it is becoming a key organizing mechanism for organizing photos. I recently bought a real serious camera with built in GPS — the Nikon Coolpix P6000 — and it is well known that most phone cameras soon will have geotags — latitude and logitudes — available. Since time was already available on photos, this makes photos relate to ‘events’ very easy. Combine this with inverse mapping feature — ‘What’s here?’ — of Google maps and you now have a potent mechanism to organize your photos.

Flickr mobile uses geortagging to show you pictures taken at newby places — a real nice feature for many tourists.

10 thoughts on “Geotagging is moving closer to center

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  2. Graphic Design India

    Well this is really awesome!!Great feature…Geotagging certainly takes photo capturing to another level.As geotagging enables us to relate to events..we do not have to stress ourselves to remember the events now.Another example of technology making our life simpler.

  3. Noel

    Yes, its a real nice feature for many Tourists! Its great and it works, but on big Places. In New York are many Photos Online but in a smallt Town not.

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  5. Kundalini Yoga

    Technologies on GPS is very sophisticated and useful to the community including the mine. In my opinion, the presence of GPS technology, we can be much easier to find the path that we are looking for typewriting we are traveling.

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