Folk Computing: A scenario from 2013

Lets consider briefly a scenario. It is 2013. A Mexican farmer, Mr. Adolfo, is in his Strawberry Field and notices that the unusual coloration on the leaves in his farm has become more serious. He immediately takes out his MP and snaps a picture and posts it, using MMS, on FolkForum. FolkForum is a site that allows people to share their information and experiences. Unlike earlier sites like Facebook, it does not rely primarily on text for creating content and sharing it with people in a group or across groups. FolkForum uses CAV (Context, Audio, and Video) for indexing and sharing information and experiences. By reducing dependence on text, it is accessible to less educated people even in developing countries. Most content on FolkForum is created by people using their MP.
As soon as Adolfo posts his message, his uncle Miguel sees the photos. He had seen this problem earlier and knew that this was a serious one. He did not remember the solution, but remembered that the solution came from some far away country. Knowing that Adolfo is busy and does not know the seriousness of the problem, Miguel decided to go to his computer so he can study the photos and other material in more details. He used Photo and the context of the photo to search on MultimediaWiki. He found many articles posted by people from different parts of the world on similar discoloration of leaves in Strawberry Fields. He found that the most similar case was from a Bulgarian farmer and he described his treatment using a video. Though the language was different, the visual material was enough to show the problem and the solution. Miguel posted the solution on Adolfo’s immediate attention Wall in the FolkForum. Adolfo was informed about the post and got the solution on his MP while still working in his field.

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  1. Ramesh Post author

    Thanks for pointing out that. I am aware of that and similar efforts — and they are a very good step. Technologically, the scenario I described is far more advanced and that’s the reason I projected it to 2013.
    Maybe aaqua could become the FolForum I mentioned.

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