Five Year Check-up

Yesterday I had endoscopy of my Gastro-esophageal area (of stomach and esophagus). Third time in about five years.

About 5 years ago, I underwent a similar inspection that revealed that I had cancer at the junction of my esophagus and stomach. Exactly 3 days less than 5 years ago, my chemo started to cure the cancer. After strong chemo and radiation, I had surgery to remove part of my stomach and part of esophagus.

It was a really good news that after about 5 years, the cancer has no signs in that part of my body. So I may have many other problems, but I don’t have cancer. Good News.

At least four different senior doctors have told me that I am one of the luckiest person alive. The mortality rate for the caner that I had is very high. Moreover, who survive have too many complications in their system and do not live normal life. In my case, it is not completely normal, but it is such that most people will not notice that I have any health problem because I do not have any serious side effects. I am very thankful to the doctors who treated me and to enormous support of family and friends. I owe a lot to many doctors, including Dr. Major Reid who suspected and pushed me to the tests that diagnosed the cancer in early stage, to Drs Brunson and Miller who treated me well and helped me recover. Sudha and rest of my family here was simply amazing support through all the treatment. And the support of all the friends, particularly Sirish Jani who helped me in treatment also, was overwhelming. In fact I started writing blog just to inform my concerned friends about my health situation and that habit has continued even now.

I am so happy to be writing the blog about 5 years after I started. I started with the news that I have the cancer and starting the treatment. Now I am happy to share with my friends that I have crossed the important Five-Year cut-off point and I am without cancer.

Once again, THANKS Folks for making life so interesting and enjoyable.

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