Fires in Southern California

Fires are not new to southern California, but this time it is really bad.  I have never heard close to 300,ooo families being evacuated from so many different areas.  If we still lived in San Diego, we would have been asked to evacuate.  And considering the length and extent of fires, it appears that the air quality may be almost impossible to live there untill all fires are completely controlled.

Luckily, the area we live in Irvine is quite far from any fire and seems very safe.  There is some smell of smoke in air but there are no signs of fire.

On the other hand Swati (and family) and Neil were asked to evacuate and they are now with us.  We have received calls from so many friends who have been asked to evacuate — some of them may come to stay with us.

It is terrifying to see pictures of all those fires on Internet and TV.

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