Fast Image Similarity Search

Hitachi announced a fast image similarity search — a million images can be searched in 1 second.  

Hitachi Ltd. has developed a search technology that can find images similar to a specified image from millions of images and video data in one second.

The technology assesses the similarity of images based on image characteristics presented as high-dimensional numeric information. The information is acquired by automatically detecting information regarding the images, such as color distribution and shapes. The technology can be applied to video search as well.

The new technology features (1) high-speed visual similarity search using two-step search clustering technology and (2) faster reading through optimized data allocation on an HDD.

I would love to play with this system and see its effectiveness.

One thought on “Fast Image Similarity Search

  1. Zivi

    amazing how quick new algorithms for search techniques are developed. that the technology is able to be applied on video search sounds good to me, too. im looking forward to the techniques that are developed in the next 10 years. I’m so excited about the research in this.

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