Yesterday much of my family was with me. Swati came over with Jay and Tarah on Friday and stayed over and Suzi and Adolfo came on Saturday. It is very pleasent to be with family. We all met at Laguna Beach where our dog Osito went in water and enjoyed the beach more than anybody else. Since he is a fur ball, our house became all sandy when he came back. Littly Tarah and Jay also had lots of fun. It is always very enjoyable to watch little kids and play with them. Particularly to tease them. Well all grandparents seem to adore their grandkids and Sudha and I are no exceptions. She showers them with affection and things and I shower them by teasing them all the time. Seeing how active both of them are, Swati must have difficult time managing things.

Suzi and Adolfo were in India this December. We were still talking about how things have changed in India and it is now a very attractive place. It is particularly attractive for NRIs (Non Resident Indians — those Indians who are settled outside India) to get involved in the revolution because they understand India and other cultures and could benefit India and themselves at this time. As usual, we talked that we should do something there. Maybe we will.

I am now in Boston — had to come here for a meeting. Will be back to Irvine on Tuesday afternoon.

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