Facebook continues to create more applications and enrich it platform to really create a new Web — I call it FaceWeb — to capitalize on the social network that it has created and the cyber personas of all of us that it has amassed. Very clever. Event iPhone is rapidly becoming an active part of it. Maybe something to seriously consider for many new application developers.
For its latest success see: http://vimeo.com/3616452

3 thoughts on “FaceWeb

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  2. Mike

    I agree it is a wonder. I believe it more popular than myspace. With it holding mass amounts of traffic, many websites and technology devices will try to utilize it and advertise on it. I don’t see facebook going away anytime soon or a social site being able to top it.

  3. Noblerex

    I like your term, “FaceWeb”! That’s a good one. Can I use it too?
    Anyway, Facebook is HUGE & getting bigger all the time. Yes, it is more popular than MySpace…by a LOT! I don’t have an account there yet but I hope to get one soon.

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