Excellence in Singapore, but …

Singapore is a very impressive place. For its size, it is an amazing place. I am always impressed how smoothly and how nicely things work in Singapore. One of the reasons that this country works exceptionally well is the excellence in recruiting and rewarding people working for the Government — commonly called beaurocrats. Singapore is well known to attract very bright people in Governmental positions and reward them very well. This brings excellence and reduces corruption.

On the other hand, I am surprised that Singapore has not brought in similar excellence in their other areas, particularly scientific and technical creativity as well as entreprenurial activities. It is truly intriguing why is that. I am always surprised that in this area, people here look for recognition from outside rather than being confident and making decisions. One gets a strong feeling that they are afraid to take risk in betting on their own ideas and hence are looking to get recognition from outside. That makes them follower — though they can remain close to leaders by working hard, but still will be followers.

One thought on “Excellence in Singapore, but …

  1. smitha

    1. It could be lack of role models.
    2. It could be lack of social security (non-existing like third world countries).
    3. It could that you misled into thinking bureaucrats are talented, rather here students vie for civil jobs, because they would only pay good and bonus of several months is rather taken for granted.

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