EventWeb8 IE: EventoScope

When there are lots of events that are all interrelated and are captured using multiple modality, how should one browse/search them and how should they be presented?  Current Web is strongly influenced by sequential and static nature of text – a legacy of paper rather than the screen on which it is usually presented.  Due to the legacy of paper, it presents most information in sequential manner – just see how the results of search are presented.  In fact two major limitations of the current Search Engines used to navigate the Web are the Keyword Box and the list of results.  One has to articulate the query using a few keywords.  These search engines have trained us so well that when they don’t work, I blame myself – I just could not find correct keywords to ask the right question!!!  This is great for search engines, but a terrible way to deal with people who want to use them.  The second limitation is the presentation of the list format.  The reason one needs ranking algorithms and measures performance using precision is the result of the list that must be presented on the limited screen. 

When you have billions, if not gogolian, of events how should you navigate thru those?  How should you search those?  How should you get details of those?  How can you request what kind of event you want?  There are many of these questions that come to mind.  It is clear that the tedium of the keyword box will become unbearable and in fac is totally inadequate.  There has to be something different.   

One thing comes to mind that if defined and developed correctly, maybe an interesting approach.  One should present lots of events that are somehow interesting.  One could use one of many different criteria – one approach could be to combine the approaches adopted in current News sites with the culture of Web.  Editorial selection of events could be combined with the random presentation along with the search based selection.  These events should be presented not as a list but in some other presentation format.  And then, there should be ability to focus on one or more of those and explore more details.  Like a microscope or a telescope used to explore either micro or remote environments, this system should give you ability to start with a wider field of view but then focus to the one that you are interested.  This environment, like microscope and telescopes, also should give you ability to steer your device to move to the area of interest and then focus.

I like to call this device an EventoScope or an Escope.

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