EventWeb is getting ready

SEraja has launched 0.8 with limited public access. Currently this site is password protected and is by invitation only. It has event data for Bangalore only. If you want to get invitation, contact them by visiting www.seraja.com and requesting them.

Since I am a cofounder of this company with Rajesh Jain (no relation; but a long term great friend), I am biased. You will hear about Sreaja frequently from me.

The current version is to get feedback from people before it is launched officially in March. This site will allow you to access events in Bangalore. It will also allw you to enter events for public access. Users will be able to comment, publich reports (text, video, audio, images, …) on events, annotate reports (including videos), assign tags and search events based on annothations, tags, and comments. Events will be linked with other events to form a web of events. Current version starts with partial functionality and will slowly be enriched in features. It is expected that soon it will cover major cities in India and then will go outside India.

It is very exciting to see our ideas starting to take shape. We have a long way to go, but it is a good start.

THANKS a lot SEraja Team. You have started very nicely on an exciting journey in the land of EventWeb.

2 thoughts on “EventWeb is getting ready

  1. Arun

    Congrats Ramesh. It’s been great fun trying to translate your thoughts and ideas into reality. The team here loves working with you.

  2. Animesh

    Great Work! It feels fantastic to see innovation happenning in the consumer internet space in India. Congrats. Since we ourselves are a few weeks away from a restricted public alpha, it helps to have innovators like you show us the way.

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