EventWeb getting traction

This Thursday I gave a distinguished speaker talk at NTU in Singapore. I was pleasantly surprised by the attendance and the fact that I forgot to keep track of time and exceeded my time by 30 minutes — yes 30 minutes. And people were polite enough not to remind me about that — and since only one person left, I did not check time.

But the real important thing is that after that I received quite a few e-mails asking questions and wanting to collaborate on the topic. Very intriguing. Is it NTU or is it that the time for the EventWeb has come. I am definitely puzzled about it.

One thought on “EventWeb getting traction

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    I think it is a mixture of both.Your first para actually denotes a lot of things.Firstly your popularity.Then your ability to hold your audience’s attention and of course your interest in the entire thing.It was good to learn that you got a good response after the NTU session.All the best with your future speeches.Thanks.

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