Empty emotionalism

Since I am a bit more in front of TV — particularly ZTV giving Indian Soaps and other programs — I am watching a bit more of Indian programs.

Otherwise also I watch ZTV from time to time and enjoy their ‘special effects’ and their story lines. But this time I am spending more time than normal and that always gives you a chance to observe, analyze, and enjoy.

I am well aware of Bollywood and their audience. Bollywood clearly has their followers and I would not be surprised if purely in terms of numbers, Bollywood may be well ahead of Hollywood. So this is not the first time that I am exposed to Bollywood style entertainment — in fact I grew-up in India and hence that was the first style that I was exposed to in entertainment.

Even after being in Bollywood world for so long and surrounded by family and friends who get irritated everytime you say a single thing that may be interpreted criticism of Bollywood style (I gained their trust in this matter, I guess), I can not resist making this obvious observation.
It is amazing how empty emotionalism dominates the whole Bollywood and TV programs inspired by it. It appears as if there is absolutely nothing else on ZTV.

What is surprising is that so many educated people in USA can patronize that program. Is it really true that this is what the Indian audience wants? Difficult to believe that the country with the intellectual traditions and depth of art and culture that India has, wants the programs that are shown on ZTV and other similar programs. I must be missing something obvious. Trying to really understand what is it that I don’t understand about these programs?
Truly amazing.

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