E2E: Environment-to-Environment communications

Much communication started as a person-to-person and then became from a person-to-many-persons.  This was then mediated by devices.  That brought to us the age of device-to-device communication.  Telephones, radios, television, and many similar techniques are enhancements and extensions of person-to-person approaches using evolving technology.  I think now time has come that next major enhancement in communication may take place.  This could be through environment-to-environment approaches.  In this, an environment may be connected to one or more environments.  Of course each environment may have one or more persons in it and so can it have one or more devices in it.   I think this could have many interesting implications.

One thought on “E2E: Environment-to-Environment communications

  1. Deern

    And what should be this enviorment? A Room? A Network ? A Field?
    I think that is nothing new, if you put 2 Radios in a room you already have an enviorment with 2 devices.

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