E2E: Environemnt to Environment Connection

I have been working on a proposal to establish an ambitious project for building concepts and techniques related to a new communication approach — E2E or Environment to Environment connection. By using many devices like phones — really a microphone-speaker combination — and computers (with different displays) it is possible to free people from devices in communication.

Environment to Environment (E2E) connection is the next disruptive stage in communication in which a physical environment is captured using appropriate types and numbers of sensors that analyze all data to detect and monitor objects and activities. This data and derived information is assimilated, stored, and indexed in a dynamic real-time Situation Model (SM) of the environment. All sensor data and SM are available to an Event Server (ES) that represents the environment. Multiple such environments can be connected to each other by putting their ES on the Internet. A person in one environment can interact with objects and observe activities from other environments by interacting with appropriate ES in a natural setting. ES sends appropriate data, including multiple video streams, and other live or stored data and information to connected environments and routes data from other environments to appropriate displays or actuators in its own environment.

More I work on developing these ideas, more I find them interesting and compelling. I have to finish this proposal soon and I still have some distance to go.

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