Deep History

While discussing things with my friends from humanities — Barbara Cohen and Steve Franklin (really a person with diverse interests) — I heard Steve use ‘Deep History’ as a term. When I googled it, I found even book written about it. Very intiguing.

Many social disciplines study events and relationships among them. In particular, History is all about events. Current computer tools used by historians force them to use separate geo-spatial and temporal visualization tools making it difficult, if not impossible, to understand and explore relationships among events at the scales desirable to understand them at macro level. Current tools force exploration of events using a finite window over time and space. The EventWeb environment is a natural representation for events and study relationships among them over large space and time enabling emergence of Deep History. Moreover, in History there is already good data sets available to start implementing systems that will be used not only by researchers, but also by common people who are naturally attracted towards this area.

Deep history may be a very interesting discipline to emerge as a result of progress in creating Web of Events.

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