Dave Lehman

In the passage of your life, you meet some people who make a lasting impression on you and you want them to be always part of your life. Dave Lehman was one such individual. A very creative and entrepreneurial individual, full of ideas and optimism, with a strong ‘can do’ attitude. He was a person who was equally at home at IBM or Kodak as well as at Praja. Though I got a distinct feel that he liked start-up environment better than a big corporation.

He had a long bout with cancer. Cancer of many kinds, ranging from simple skin to liver. Finally in the company of all his family members he closed his eyes for the last time a few days ago at his residence in Florida.

I will miss yourr counsel, friendly telephone calls, and warm concerns about our family, Dave. I am happy that you had a very rich and rewarding life. But I will miss you.

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