Cyber and Real — Cybereal

COmputing created cyberspace and popularized it. So much so that now there is Second Life — a place for you to live only in cyberspace. But this cyberspace is trying to imitate the real world. They are trying to do everything in cyberspace that you want to do in the real world.

On the other hand we need to bring power of computing to many real world applications. For humans, the senses — our five different types of sensors — are the bridge to our brain and the real world. The same thing is likely to happen to computing. By developing technology to bridge cyber and real — lets call it cybereal — we can develop many interesting applications. But to do this, computing researchers must think in terms of events and objects, rather than objects as we currently do.

2 thoughts on “Cyber and Real — Cybereal

  1. Mark

    “Cybereal”. I love it. As a writer for, I have often stated that search engines try to emulate human behavior. I think “cybereal” has a much better ring to it and I may need to borrow this for future columns. Many thanks!

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