Computer vision applications in cameras

Sony now has technology to take pictures only when people smile — see the News article.  Clearly computer vision technology has started finding interesting applications.  I think this is only the beginning.  Computer vision can find many applications in different areas.

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    Until a few years ago, chronic problems affected computer-vision systems and prevented their widespread adoption. Since its start, computer vision has appeared as a computationally intensive and almost intractable field.
    To date, computer vision has produced important applications in fields such as industrial automation, robotics, biomedicine, and satellite observation of Earth. In the field of industrial automation alone, its applications include guidance for robots to correctly pick up and place manufactured parts, nondestructive quality and integrity inspection, and on-line measurements.

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    It’s good to hear that, I have a Sony camera semi-pro DSC 707, old but very good. I don’t know how to do photos manually, it does it all. Thanks for your post I was looking to buy a new camera and I didn’t know which one to choose.


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