Collaborative novel writing

The wiki experiment is now going in a very interesting direction.  British publisher Penguins has started a new experiment for using the wiki idea to creat a novel.  You can participate in this experiment by visiting this experimental site.

Wikipedia seems easy to grasp in comparison to a wikinovel.  I am eager to see how this experiment progresses.  This is definitely going to me interesting than the interactive novels or movies in which a person could select one of the alternatives and go in that direction.  In that case there was just one author with multipe plots.  Here multiple authors will converge to one plot.  Kind of intriguing idea.

One thought on “Collaborative novel writing

  1. phoenix

    Don’t you think that a wiki novel will miss the symbolism that some novels are so rich in? I recently saw a movie called Apocalypse now. Would it have been possible to portray the ideas in the same class if this was a wiki-movie or even a wiki novel?? I don’t feel so… Maybe the wikis are good for facts, fiction, humour, adventure etc.. but i doubt them being able to produce high class material like Lord Of The Rings, The Godfather.. Or would this be possible one day? 🙂

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