Citizen Journalism going experiential

Citizen journalism is increasing in popularity — there are many signs of this.  An interesting example of this is the recognition and increasing prominence of citizen journalism on Yahoo News — called You Witness News.  In addition to publishing citizen reporter’s news here, they also are trying to become a resource center for citizen journalists.  You can learn how to make good videos or find resources from other places to use in your reporting task.

Obviously, blogs are a form of citizen journalism but currently the trend is more towards video based jornalism.  And this in self is very interesting because this recognizes the fact that we are entering the experiential phase in citizen journalism.  Not very surprising considering how rapidly video is starting to become the cneter of attention in the current Web space.

One thought on “Citizen Journalism going experiential

  1. silkboard

    Interesting. But Mr Ramesh, do you like the “crowd-voting” based insanely democratic model that diigs and youtubes use to rank citizen created content? How do you see journalism adapting to this possible relaxation of editorial norms?

    Do you see the need for a “mostly” automatic content moderation or ranking technology?

    PS: We have met, about 9 years ago at San Diego and I was a kid then.

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