Cisco and Video Surveillance

When you read that Cisco bought a video surveillance company , you may think this to be strange. In fact, this is really very logical. As stated in the above article by a Cisco Vice President:

“If you can digitize all video, you can record it, timestamp it and instantaneously get access to video across the IP network much more efficiently than having to send an actual tape,” said Marthin De Beer, a vice president in Cisco’s Emerging Market Technologies Group. “It also lets people coordinating a disaster halfway across the country to get live video feeds from cameras connected to an IP network, so they can see what’s happening.”

All indications are that video is becoming a major media compnent. With increasing bandwidth, video will dominate all media components, including text, as it did in old fashined media. Movies became more popular than novels, and TV News became more popular than Newspapers. But those things were only for produced media. Wait until people start using it for general application which will bring the currently popular ‘long tail’ at the center of this revolution. I can think of many interesting applications of unproduced video in our life. It would be nice to collect a list of such applications and distribute those among video enthusiasts, both in application and technology areas.

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