China Trip: Research in China

Tomorrow morning — on Oct 31 — I am leaving for China.  I am giving a keynote talk at the Pacific Rim Conference on Multimedia in Hangzhou.  I am told that they receive 1500 research papers and accept less than 15% of those for presentation.  Amazinv, because most of these are from China.

There has been an explosion in research publications from China — not by Chinese in USA.  In this respect China has really advanced much farther than India.  India has a big advantage of English over China, but China publishes an order of magnitude more research.  This must be due to their reward system.  When India is struggling to get adequate instructors for their Engineering colleges and has practically no PhD students even at IITs, China has a large number of PhDs who come out for post doctoral work and has a strong supply of qualified people in China.

i am very curious to experience this first hand.  In fact that was a major reason behind my accepting to give this key note talk.


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