Cameras and Internet

I was pretty impressed by Eye-Fi when first I found it and used. I have been using it. There are two problems with it, but I have continued using it because the advantage is better than the problem. The problems — it reduces battery life significantly and open and free Wi-Fi is not available at every place.

Now Nokia announced that soon on all their point-and-shoot cameras, there will be internet available that will allow a picture to be e-mailed directly from camera to anybody. This is the next step in what I was looking for — now it will have better connectivity and hopefully will not affect battery life as much.

This development really suggests one important trend — soon all devices will have connectivity and may start tweeting. This will be a very interesting development and will take internet to the next stage in its development.
In this stage physical and cuber world will get closer.

One thought on “Cameras and Internet

  1. john

    I think the battery issue should be solved quickly because people are complaining about the battery life when using wi-fi, i’ve heared that they will upgrade the wi-fi to one that will consume less energy and they will also increase battery power and life.

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