British Grand Challenges

British Computer Society has identified 8 grand challenges

The British Computer Society (BCS) has laid out the most pressing economic, environmental and social issues facing the world that it feels could be solved with technology within the next two decades.

All these challenges are impressive. The two of those are my personal favorites:

2.Ubiquitous Computing: Experience, Design and Computing: Making tech fit into the human environment

3. Memories for Life: Using technology to exploit the value of human experience

As very nicely state about the Memories for Life,

Speaking at the Grand Challenges in Computing Research Conference last year Shadbolt said: “One theme that has emerged is the idea of a posthumous memory. We’re all aware of questions we’d liked to have asked people who are no longer with us. There are issues around how one interacts and sympathetically records the memories and traditions of people who are dear to us.”

I strongly believe that in addition to others benefitting from our experiences, our own life will be lot more enjoyable by a system that will help us revisit, reanlayze, and learn from our own experiences. Systems that will seemlessly allow us to store our experiences and effortlessly and instantaneously rexperience the selected ones, will be invaluable to us.

4 thoughts on “British Grand Challenges

  1. Payroll

    Well, I am quiet happy to see you giving review to these challanges, I would be happy if we achieve atleast 4 in this decade. 🙂

  2. Ramesh Post author

    Grandchallenges are just that — challenges that are worth pursuing. So if even if one of them is solved in this decade, the efforts of the group who put those together will be well worth.

  3. MarkM

    I take the view that we are fixed in nature, but with an added variable component – our experiences. However, we are not simple black boxes recording our experiences. That is what makes us such bad witnesses. We are selective in what we recall.

    If computing were to assist us in re-evaluating past experiences the human consciousness could be changed in one of two ways. If the system were to force us to take a more rational and objective view of events, then our opinions and prejudices could be blunted. on the other hand if the system allowed us to be selective in which events, we recalled then we could subconsciously select only those events which reinforced our existing point of view, and our opinions and prejudices would grow stronger.

    If humans had to pay for this computing assistance, I think the second option would win in an open market.

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