Better Search Through People

As a part of my course on Next Generation Search Systems, Bradley Horowitz of Yahoo gave a talk on the future of Web Search. His presentation was very interesting. The most important message of the presentation is captured in the image shown here.

Bradley Horowitz of Yahoo! evangelizing social search

Current Page Rank algorithms could be considered recommendation of web masters. Would you consider that recommendation more important or the recommendation of your friends and family more important? Well that depends on application. So an important point is that in different situation you want to use different people’s recommendation in search and that’s the behavior you want to see in search engines. This could be done through social search or as the message above says: Better Search Through People.
I like the basic sound of this. Now the trick is to implement this and make it happen on the top of the basic search engines. I find it difficult to do this independent of the basic ‘keyword based’ search engines. Does that mean that on top of the basic search engines, one will have to build many different layers to bring in different applications and different relevence for different users.

Sounds interesting.

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    Nowadays there are lots of different search engines in the market but no one is so powerful to beat Google.I guess it will take another 100 years to eliminate the Google factor from the keyword search.

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