Beijing Trip

The last 3 days I have been in Beijing to attend SKG2008. I was requested to give a keynote talk at this conference — Semantics, Knoledge, and Grid — and I talked about the EventWeb ideas.

Though I came here only after about 7 months, this trip showed me a bit more of how rapidly China is transformed. It does not feel like a developing country — all the facilities and the infrastructure makes it look better than many developed countries. Of course, people tell me that once you go away from a few top places like Beijing and Shanghai, the story is different. Even if that is the case, what China has accomplished seems to be unparalleled in the history. Being Indian, it is natural for me to think about India and I feel very depressed about India. IN fact I feel worried a bit even about USA, but then USA has amazing creativity and resilience to come back from difficult situation. Current elections have clearly shown that USA remains as strong and as determined to move forward as ever.

I must say that the building of Chinese Academy of Sciences impressed me a lot — it has very good floor plan conducive to dicussions and creativity. What I hear in USA is definitely better practiced in many cases in China. Clearly, there are many other examples of that in China.

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