Bangalore and Hyderabad

Now I have been in India for about a week, mostly in Bangalore with one day in Hyderabad.

Much has been written about Bangalore. I find that the infrastructure is much worse than I anticipated. Roads are really in very bad shape. Airport is from the days before the boom and looks terrible for the city that has become a world-class city. On the other hand I found that professionalism among the people I met has become better than what I found a few years ago. People are better informed and professional. The intellectual environment (for technical things) has become very vibrant. One can expect the quality of discussions at par with any place in the world.

Hyderabad has controlled their development much better. Overall there is lots of development there but it does not seem as chaotic as in Bangalore.

I also noted that people are very positive about what they are doing and what they could do.

Seraja, the company that I am involved with, is a good example. I am very pleasantly surprised by the amount of progress we have made and the quality of work. It does look that we will have a good system to show the beginning of the EventWeb in mid January.

Tomorrow I will get a chance to visit many modern areas of the city and then I will go to Nagpur to visit my family — on a kind of vacation for 7 days.

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  1. Samantha

    Hi Mr. Ramesh,

    I totally agree with you. You can also look at this blog by somebody in Bangalore about the worsening infrastructure. The guy had all points right about his views on Bangalore and hit the nail straight on its head.


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