Bangalore Airport

Coming to Bangalore from Singapore is an experience — not a pleasant one.  A good thing is that one sees the contrast in the best airport and possibly the worst managed airport.  But if you are an Indian, that is not something you like to see.  Starting from the immigration lines to the baggage claim and then the chaos to get your taxi.  The taxi area seems to be deteriorating very fast in the last year — at least based my quarterly trips.  The only good thing — compared to earlier — was that the baggage carts are now good.  The worst thing was the chaos to get the transportation — my taxi driver asked me to wait on the street among other crowd of waiting passengers for taxi and went to bring his car.  It took him about 35 minutes to get the car.  And I had the opportunity to experience — not that I wanted to — how a traffic cop may be feeling on a busy street everyday in Bangalore.

Amazing that the best known city from India can offer such a terrible welcome to its visitors.


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    It’s all about the role of management and their skills. If the management is effective and supported with required funds they can brilliantly manage airport and you would soon find Bangalore Airport completely improved.

  2. Car Radiator

    Bangalore is certainly up and coming with all the European and USA outsourced IT support. But, I hope Bangalore also leads innovation in the future so there isn’t a boom and bust scenario.

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