Back home

It feels real good to be back home after spending three weeks in hotel rooms and eating all restaurant meals.  Now the quarter and lots of interesting things are waiting here.  This quarter is not going to be easy in terms of travel.  Three international trips (including the one in December) are not something that I find attractive at this moment — but have to do.

I can not complain, however, for things that I schedule. 

One thought on “Back home

  1. Inspired Copywriter

    I have just returned home from Egypt, we went here with my family for a vacation. everything was fine, but we were so glad to escape the heat and board the plane on the dya of our departure, you can imagine.. Earlier in my life i had to travle 8 months of a year and it was really a nightmare, as I though that Iam everyone’s man and at the same time bleonged to noone and had no own place

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