Apple becoming more multimedia

Apple has contributed a lot to making computing multimedia. And it continues doing that.
Interesting announcements in this direction at the latest Macworld — the one without Mr Jobs. The important multimedia things are summarized here:

The new version of iLife will include a feature called Faces that finds and organizes a gallery of a user’s friends in his or her photos, thanks to face-recognition software, Schiller said.

A feature called Places will organize pictures around where they were taken, he added.

This would be accomplished through an interactive world map with GPS geotagging that will pinpoint the location of every photo users take, as long as they have a GPS chip in their camera or iPhone.

The iPhoto database will recognize the location of snapshot and match it thanks to Google Maps’ technology.

Apple is also focusing its attention on improving video editing.

“We decided to completely rewrite iMovie and come up with a whole new version,” Schiller said.

“We’ve added so much depth and so much power, we really believe it’s going to be the video-editing product that everybody uses.”

The new version has better precision editing, video stabilization, easier audio editing and smoother transitions, Schiller said.

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