All those LifeLogs and Mobile Phones

There was a time when many projects started worldwide to build one or other form of eChronicle, Lifelog, MyLifeBits or something like that. All these projects were to capture semi-objectively a multimedia extended diary of a person’s life. Of course, as with any such project, issues were raised about privacy issues. I am sure there will be mechanisms will have to be implemented to deal
with privacy issues. But I would worry about those only if the concept gains any kind of momentum.

After the initial excitement, it appears (and I hope I am wrong — so please feel free to correct me) that the interest in these systems has somehow gone down. I find this strange because technology has progressed rapidly to make this idea easily possible. Different sensors are being integrated in mobile phones and there is enough computing power has become available on these devices to store enough information and do lots of exciting things with it. And the bandwidth is increasing.

One would think that there will be enough interest in devices/systems that could store, hopefully non-intrusively and automatically, our experiences so we can analyze and re-experience those. If there were a device available, I would definitely want to use it. I believe that this could be a very interesting application — one that will be really useful.

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