ACM Multimedia 2006: Day 2


The second day at ACM Multimedia is usually the most active day with lots of activities and the banquet.  It was a very enjoyable and interesting day.  There were many interesting research papers.  I will post many of those things at Seraja under events – with ACMMM06 as a tag.  Do  visit and see some – only some that were of interest to me – there.


The demo section at this conference is truly becoming the most important part of this conference.  You see some emerging ideas in their true form.  Most academic papers are too academic – like most top academic conferences – and of not much interest to practitioners.  In demos one can see the relevance of ideas and research.


Many of these conferences have interesting panel sessions.  The panel on the second say was on the Web 2.0 and Multimedia.  Interesting comments on how Web2.0 is emerging. Unfortunately most comments were and the focus of the discussion was on what Web 2.0 has done and that multimedia is a part of that.  It had little to do to say what Multimedia community can do for Web 2.0 or what exciting things from Web 2.0 can really help multimedia research.


I continued seeing more papers on multimedia rather than single media – and that’s a good sign.  The banquet was good.  And the business meeting at lunch time went smoothly.  I have to play Chairman’s role in those meetings.


In summary, the second day was a good day.  But did not bring any surprises to me.


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