A German Wedding

Two of my very good friends got married to each other — Susanne Boll and Utz Westermann decided to finaaaaaaalllllllllllllyyyyyyy get married on May 19th.  I had the pleasure of attending this wedding with Sudha and Smriti (Suzi).   In fact, we decided to make this trip to Germany more a nostaltgic trip to visit Hamburg after 30 years — yes Sudha and I lived their 30 years ago.

The wedding was near Memmingen (which is near Munich).  The location made it more special.  In a German village setting everything was set to be kind of a story-book.  The church where the wedding took place, the musuem where the reception was, and all the arrangements were unique in their setting and creating a very romantic experience.  The best way to describe this experience is to share the experience with you and I can only do that using some tools that Utz has helped create in the form of Seraja.

Visit:  http://www.seraja.com/event/656456



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