NYT has an article on — depending on your perspective — future of advertisements, or an outside-the-box- thinker in advertising, or attracting attention in a crowd by Timothy O’Brien. Very interesting and educational and inspirational. Some interesting parts from the article are quoted here — I loved this article.

“I think technology is going to wreak havoc on the agency business,” Mr. Greenberg predicts of an industry that plans to give him its most prestigious award, a Clio for lifetime achievement, in May. “Because of advances in technology and communication, we’re surrounded by information we see and hear. Overload is a huge issue.

“I think things are going to get infinitely more complex,” he adds, “and the challenge is about taking things that are infinitely complex and making them simpler and more understandable.”

But, he says, he doesn’t think that dyslexia ultimately held him back. “Dyslexia may be one of the key elements of creativity, if you overcome it, for people in art, architecture, filmmaking and other creative fields,” he says. “I’m not an expert, but I think dyslexia can give you enormous powers to previsualize things.”

Consumers are so swamped by pitches that many simply tune them out. And the more affluent among them exercise enough control over how, where and what they shop for that, with the flick of their fingers, they can bypass unwanted advertising. Mr. Greenberg, the chairman and chief executive of R/GA, wants to engage them in digital conversations that are so entertaining, involving and valuable that they won’t want to ignore them.

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