3D TV — a new version

Some researchers in Japan have developed a new version of 3DTV:

“The greatest advantage of our system is to provide interactive control of the viewing parameters,” lead author of the study Yuichi Taguchi, a Ph.D. student at the University of Tokyo, told PhysOrg.com. “The interactive control is essential for reproducing a dynamic 3D scene with desirable conditions, which depend on the contents of the scene, the viewer’s preference, and the display specifications.”

This reminded me of Multiple Perspective Interactive and Immersive videos developed a decade ago but without the autostereoscopic displays. Very interesting developments, indeed.

2 thoughts on “3D TV — a new version

  1. Rob Fenn

    Hi Ramesh,

    So how long, in your opinion, do you think it will before 3D tv is a reality within people’s homes?

    I think this will be a fantastic advance, but i wonder if it will result in more people spending too much time indoors with the consequential problems…

  2. Ramesh Post author

    This is still in research phase. I think it may take several years (if not a decade or more) to get to see this in my home. I am not going to wait for it yet.

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