3D movies

A good analysis of 3 3D movie technologies is given here. Stephen Shankland saw Beowulf in all 3 forms: Imax 3D, Real D, and Dolby 3D. After seeing the same movie twice in each of these formats, he concluded that none is perfect yet, but thins that Dolby 3D is the best.

2 thoughts on “3D movies

  1. Jim Dorey

    Pragmatically Real D makes the most sense. Millions of 3D glasses at $50 each doesn’t make sense – let alone cleaning them and keeping them scratch free. However, 3D performance is of course paramount too. I have an informal question on my blog asking my readers about their comments and ratings of their 3D experience based on what type of 3D theater they were in.

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  2. 4D movies

    It was a great experience to watch “Avatar” in 3D. And I have read somewhere that the same movie was launched in 4D version in Korea. They actually add some live effects like vibrations, smoke, scent etc.

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