Worst Service Experience

I am (at least so far) a proud owner of a BMW.  I love driving when in BMW.  Until today, I was happy with their service operations also.  Though on the expensive side, I thought that they were good in providing service.  But what I experienced today was definitely one of the worst service experience I had at a car dealership in my (about ) 30 years owning different brands of cars.

I am sharing this so other people don’t have to face similar service and hopefully BMW pays some attention to what people say and feel about their service from at least one dealership.  I have mailed this to them also.

The service at IrvineBMW dealer is one of the worst service I ever encoutered anywhere.  Everything was terrible.  I am so disappointed that I don’t know how to describe and where to start.  So I will be brief.  Bringin in the car exactly at the appointed time but finding that that does not matter to a German car company (it took 45 minutes to check in), job and the follow-up (no body calls me to tell that parts that were suppose to be available are not and hence my car can not be fixed completely — when I called then only I am told), picking up my car (first they tell that they have been calling and my phone does not work — I asked them to test and it works — there is no record of any missed calls on my phone.  Next after I pay for my service, i waited more than 1 hour 15 minutes standing outside waiting for the car.  They did not know where is my car or where my keys are.  And believe me, there were many people who waited more than 30 minutes).

I hope you don’t have to face such service at a dealership where the oil and lube costs $200.09 and you have to spend so much time agonizing and waiting — so you spend even more than that in the lost time.

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