Where to store your photos?

There are many photo sites on Internet where you could store photos.  And if you are one of those who stored your photos at Yahoo Photos, then you are facing a real question:  What do I do with my photos?  News.com story has the details:

Even though the Internet company just refurbished Yahoo Photos with a glitzy new interface, it’s shutting down the site beginning September 20.

So you must now decide where to transfer your photos to.  Yahoo will help you transfer them by providing right software.  But this does raise an important question:  Where should you store your important memories?  Should it be on your computer at home, on a reliable location on the Internet, or at any other place where you feel that they are safe and you have easy access to them?  Good question.  I really don’t know the answer — personally I have them on my home computers and some — really a very small fraction of them — on Internet.

2 thoughts on “Where to store your photos?

  1. Search engine optimization expert

    Well, storing photos on internet has always seen as a security threat to human privacy, although it might or might not be the case of security procedure violations, but a light dim afraid is always there. As the social communities have come up in good numbers, so people are making use of these for storing photos but the privacy question remains the same.
    So i would rather prefer to have my personal photos on my home PC and some un-important (Non-personal ) photos on somewhere on internet. I think till the time privacy procedures on internet are justified, one will always think of storing their personal stuff on their home PC’s.

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