What did we do before computers?

So I spent my first day after getting back. And I spend some of it reading, some of it taking care of routine things and much of it on the Web.
What did people do before the Web? Oh yes, I remember reading books. We do that even now also — but we can do that better on the Web.

It is a different world when you have access to the Web. It opens up so many interesting ‘viewports’ for you — you can select what you want and what you like. Too bad that either many people don’t realize the importance and many others don’t have access to it. Just think how it can help people in developing countries. In fact, tho

2 thoughts on “What did we do before computers?

  1. soma

    Well, I do lots of thing like reading books playing outdoors not like today. People today is always rely on computer.

  2. Richard

    We did so many things that kids and teenagers do. But now we spend most of our free time in front of a PC. Even my 2 year old thinks of the PC the moment he wakes up. (He wants to see pictures of aeroplanes on YouTube.)

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