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There is an interesting story in Wired magazine about Video search. The story is mostly about how Yahoo is addressing this area which is one of the hottest at this time. Interesting story though there are several factual mistakes. It correctly features Bradley Horowitz as a key person in this space but states wrong things (His B.S. degree was from U Michigan, not MIT, and he was not the founder — he was one of the co-founders. Others were Chaio-Fe Shu, Jeff Bach, and Ramesh Jain. ) Bradley was definitely very charismatic and contributed many interesting ideas.
So I am happy that he is getting good press.

A particularly interesting part in this article is:

Several companies are logging closed-captioned transcripts so that shows can be searched with traditional text-search methods, and San Francisco startup Blinkx recently began captioning videostreams with voice recognition software. But computers are still a long way from watching and understanding TV. The thousands of data-center blade servers inhaling and annotating programs around the clock for Yahoo!, Google, and Blinkx are no more able to extract meaning than an ATM is able to know you’re having an affair by analyzing your withdrawal patterns. “I know how far we are from true computer vision,” says Horowitz, leaning back in his chair in a conference room at Yahoo!’s Sunnyvale headquarters.

If you are interested in video and how it is dominating Yahoo’s thinking (and others will follow it soon) then you should read this article.

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